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Your Guide to Obtaining the Mighty Tetra In Valheim

Consider capturing a Tetra, the rarest fish in Valheim, if you enjoy gathering jewels and hard-to-find artifacts while exploring your world’s Nordic environments. While it has no inherent worth other than as an item stand trophy, the Tetra is extremely uncommon, comparable to meeting a maypole that spawned arbitrarily on one’s map. This fish is rare because it only lives in a particular variety of Frost Cave within the Mountain biome. You might come across this tunnel within a few hours of playing, or you might not find one until you’ve played for 100+ hours.

Getting ahold of Tetra in Valheim

To capture a Tetra in Valheim, you must first find a Frost Cave with a reservoir of water. While this may seem insignificant, only a few caverns in any country produce these icy ponds in their interiors. In other words, discovering a Tetra habitat is determined by the map generation’s RNG rather than your capacity to locate one. You could come across one within hours of searching or within minutes of viewing the Mountain biome close your house. In Valheim, finding a Tetra pond is entirely up to luck.

Tetra, like other fish in Valheim, favor a particular type of food — cold fishing bait. You’ll need conventional fishing bait from Haldor and a Fenring prize from the werewolf-like Fenring to make this lure in a cauldron. The Fenring, not to be mistaken with its less-humanoid counterpart in the Frost Caves, is a beast that only emerges in the Mountains at night. It can be difficult to find one because they despawn at daybreak. If you encounter one, we suggest killing it with fire arrows or a Staff of Embers, as it is vulnerable to fires. It has a 10% chance of losing its trophy, which can be crafted into bait for capturing Tetra in Valheim.

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