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WWE’s Adam Pearce Makes Official Appearance in WWE 2K23 as Playable Character

WrestleMania Wrestling (WWE) wouldn’t be the same without the celebrities who compete twice weekly in the squared circle on live television. Wrestlers wouldn’t be able to compete without the support of those behind the scenes. We couldn’t have battles without creators like WWE’s Adam Pearce. You only need to watch one episode of Raw or Smackdown to see it clearly. At some time during the evening, he’ll pop up on screen to declare a match official, and now he’s doing the same for WWE 2K23.

Wrestlers in 2K23 can be selected from the list, unlocked, or made from scratch using the “create-a-wrester” mode, or CAW for short. Players who have bought the game’s Icon or Deluxe Editions have access to the game early, and many have already made their own custom fighters. Adam Pearce, an employee with the WWE, is one such person. Adam Pearce has been confirmed for inclusion in WWE 2K23.

It is official.

— Adam Pearce (@ScrapDaddyAP) March 16, 2023

WhatsTheStatus is the Twitter account responsible for making the Adam Pearce CAW. Once the Community Work was uploaded online, WWE executive Adam Pearce took note almost immediately. He responded to the message with his signature line, “it is legitimate,” as if he were Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Pearce uses this expression every time he calls a wrestling contest. This is typically how events unfold. A famous person will ask or demand a boxing match, and Pearce will either say he’ll find someone and make it formal right then, or he’ll reject the request but eventually accept it, creating tension and expectation. Pearce’s “it’s true” declaration marks the conclusion of most episodes. It’s shocking that there isn’t a T-shirt available yet.

The original Adam Pearce CAW from WWE can be found in WWE 2K23’s Community Creations area.

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