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Get Ready to Wreck Havoc with These Legendary Wrecking Ball Skins in Overwatch 2

Wrecking Ball is one of the most adorable and lethal Heroes to personalize in Overwatch 2 thanks to its hamster buddy, Hammond. Users would be better served by selecting one of the character’s many Legendary skins, which have unique color schemes inspired by the character’s mythology or by holidays and seasons. All of Wrecking Ball’s Legendary skins for Overwatch 2 will be included here, along with information on where to find them.

All of Overwatch 2’s legendary Wrecking Ball skins

Wrecking Ball is only compatible with one of the nine available Legendary skins. The Shop occasionally stocks them year-round, but most of the time they’re only available on special holidays. Listed here are all of the skins for the Legendary Wrecking Ball, in alphabetical order.


While only available for a limited time in the Shop, Crustacean is well worth picking up. Hammond is a mystery marine monster with a teal coloration, while Wrecking Ball is an armed lobster.


With this Legendary skin for Legacy Coins, you may equip Wrecking Ball with Hammond’s intergalactic gear, as Hammond is a part of the Horizon Lunar Colony.


The name Jack-O’-Lantern says it all, as the crow-like mech is transformed into a sinister mechanical pumpkin and Hammond becomes one terrifying scarecrow.


Junker is shaped like a suit from the Mad Max universe, constructed from various scraps of metal. Hammond then takes a seat in the cockpit, revealing just his eyepatch and a bright blue mohawk.


We suppose Wrecking Ball would have looked a lot like Lucioball if it had ever tried to compete in the Olympics. To celebrate the Summer Games, this machine has been given a lick of white paint, and its hamster accomplice is now sporting a baseball cap.


The two criminals are shown in Lunar wearing identical blue and white astronaut uniforms. However, the dazzling beam of light in the middle that serves as Wrecking Ball’s eye is our favorite feature.


If the original Junker doesn’t stand out enough for you, the Legendary skin’s Mayham recolor will definitely turn heads with its flashy combination of bright pink and purple.


This rare attire transforms Wrecking Ball into a snowman with a cheerful expression and golden bells hanging from its chin. Hammond is forced to celebrate the season by donning a Santa outfit complete with a full white beard.


In giving Wrecking a drastically altered face plate featuring the hero with a big yellow eye, Submarine achieves the Legendary tier. Of course, Hammond, the ship’s apparent captain, will be coming along for the journey as well.

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