You are currently viewing World of Warcraft and Fortnite collide in uproarious fan-made game challenge!

World of Warcraft and Fortnite collide in uproarious fan-made game challenge!

Both World of Warcraft and Fortnite have flourishing and devoted fan bases, but what if these two behemoths collided? One YouTuber took the initiative to find out. Noticing that World of Warcraft developers have been ignoring new PvP options since Battle for Azeroth, the user set out to build a new Battle Royale game with Azeroth as the territory and its races as the combatants. The outcomes of this Booty Bay Battle Royale are amusing.

Anboniwow, a YouTuber, posted a video outlining the Herculean task of creating a multiplayer game in just seven days. Anbowiwow begins the trip by uploading a large number of World of Warcraft materials using a multiplayer pack. On Day One, he creates his own Zombie character in the game and gets it to move perfectly.

What follows is a humorous account of everything this devotee went through to get the game to work. There are several hilarious instances, such as when he attempts to create a female Dwarf as a selectable character, only to have it appear and move like his previously drawn Undead toon.

The complete zone of Stranglethorn Vale has been beautifully reproduced. Anboniwow also employs a landscape texture pack that resembles Fortnite, though getting it all to appear good takes time. Next, he adds Battle Royale weapons, melee, sidesplitting ragdoll physics, and even a victory objective that includes being the first to get an Alliance flag to the Booty Bay boat, which comes and goes regularly.

However, not everything in the game works flawlessly. The YouTuber makes it clear that he was unable to resolve the frame rate problem, and that the endeavor does cause Processors to work extra. Anboniwow shows off footage of his first time playing with pals, as well as a link to obtain the game. He emphasizes that you play at your own peril, as the game is still exceedingly badly optimized.

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