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World of Warcraft Classic Fans Eagerly Await Season of Mastery 2 as New Realms Surface

World of Warcraft Classic vanilla servers have had an awkward life since the game’s lengthy history of moving on to various expansions. Blizzard acknowledges that there are still many fans who want to exist in the classic setting indefinitely, but they have battled to find an acceptable way to handle it. The creator has been silent on what to do with the servers since Season of Mastery concluded, but new servers have recently appeared in the game, indicating that they are planning a return.

Two new Season of Mastery sites have been added to the server list, with an arriving shortly message. This could mean that Blizzard is planning to launch a second Season of Mastery in the immediate future. It would be prudent to continue down this road, as players are likely to abandon vanilla sites if no clear path for the game’s future is established.

Season of Mastery was the first effort by World of Warcraft Classic to infuse fresh life into the vanilla servers by updating certain outmoded aspects, and it concluded in February. Blizzard shut down all Season of Mastery sites, forcing users to move their characters to other worlds. Players have speculated if there would be a steady trickle of new Seasons of Mastery with new adjustments and additions to keep things interesting, but there has been no sign on the future of the servers until now.

Season of Mastery is a solid idea that just needs to be refined for its target audience. Changing parts of the game that are deemed dull or pointless keeps it from becoming stale, and the world of Azeroth remains a haven for many as a sentimental journey into their gaming past.

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