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When is Discord Voice Chat Arriving on PlayStation?

Discord has become a well-known presence in PC gaming over the years, providing practically unequaled voice chat and community organizing services to millions of players. Discord is the undisputed one-stop-shop for users wishing to connect with hundreds of different communities or simply host a little place on the internet for their pals to get into voice chat and play some games. The popular communication app is now available on the Xbox platform, but when will it be available on PlayStation?

When will Discord chat be available on the PlayStation 5?

If you’re a PS5 beta software tester, you may now use Discord chat integration on the console. For the rest of us, the feature is expected to be live shortly, most likely on March 8, but no date has been confirmed as of this writing. If you have access to the beta testing period, you will receive an email with a code to enter to download the material, after which you may link your accounts and start communicating with friends and strangers in server calls.

Discord will not be available on PS4 for those who are still using last-generation gear. All testing and future full release versions of the software have been revealed exclusively for PlayStation 5 customers. At this point, Sony and Discord are unlikely to make the effort to get it running on earlier consoles.

To use Discord on PlayStation 5, you must first download the Discord app on your mobile phone, just as you would on Xbox. Check that your app has the most recent version and that you can handle all of the functions from both your phone and console.

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