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Warzone 2’s Elite Players Disconnected and Shadow-Banned: Accused of Being Too Good

It should come as no surprise that a game has a problem, but in the case of Warzone 2, the fault is shadow banning players who are very skilled. Many people have reported seeing this glitch during Twitch streams. When a player achieves 10 kills in a row, which isn’t usually easy, they are instantly ejected off the server and their account is shadow-banned. This ban occurs rapidly and gives the gamer little time to react. Many people have taken to Twitter in an attempt to get Raven Software and Activision to intervene and resolve this situation.

GUARD Isaac isn’t the first person to upload video evidence of this happening on Twitter, with other players such as Jake Lucky writing, “There’s a glitch in Warzone 2 where if you achieve 10 kills you get disconnected and shadow-banned.” Others, such as broadcaster DougIsRaw, have complained about the public report system, claiming that it is the source of the shadowbans, writing, “Having the public determine who is a cheater through a simple report system is the stupidest thing I’ve encountered. It’s a difficult time to be a good Warzone 2 player right now.

Along with the posts, many people have responded, claiming to have felt the sting of the shadowbans. Others have had their accounts restored only to be disconnected and shadow-banned shortly thereafter. While Activision analyzes these shadowbans and most of them are reversed, there is no knowing how long it will take to get back into the game, especially since the number of bans appears to be increasing. Hopefully, a patch will be available soon to assist individuals who have been affected by this issue.

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