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Do Gravestones Despawn in Valheim? | Explained

Yo, fellow Valheim survivor! So, let’s talk about a crucial question: Do the gravestones disappear in Valheim? Well, if you’re asking if you can just wait it out and hope your shamelessly naked corpse disappears from existence, the answer is no. Sorry, bud.

Do tombstones in Valheim vanish after a while?

When you kick the bucket in Valheim, you leave behind a tombstone that anyone can loot. It’s like leaving a gift basket for your enemies. But fear not, the gravestone isn’t going anywhere unless someone loots it or it’s floating on the water. It will stay put even if you leave and come back. It’s not like it’s gonna vanish into thin air like your hopes and dreams.

However, there’s a catch, because of course there is. There are some pesky bugs that can cause your gravestone to disappear before it’s supposed to. There’s no way to fix this problem yet, so just pray that it doesn’t happen to you.

If you do manage to retrieve your lost items from the grave, the marker will still show up on your map. But don’t worry, you can get rid of it manually. And guess what? The gravestone is still there, holding all your precious gear, even if you die multiple times. So don’t stress about rushing to get your stuff back – just let it chill there for a bit.

In fact, your gravestone can even double as a storage unit if you’re in a pinch. Just make sure it’s in a safe location, or else you’ll be gifting your items to whoever finds it.

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