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Unveiling the Ultimate Base Location in Sons of the Forest: The Key to Survival and Dominance!

It is critical to establish a stronghold in Sons of the Wild. You cannot live without it. However, because the forest is so large, it can be challenging to find the perfect spot. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the finest locations to set up shop in Sons of the Foret.

There are several things you should consider before deciding on a location. For example, you must ensure that you have access to neighboring tools. If you construct a base in an area where there are no animals or water sources close, you will have to journey a long distance to find sustenance and water. Furthermore, you need to avoid constructing a stronghold nearby a cannibal settlement, as you will be continually concerned about getting murdered. Then again, who doesn’t? While these locations are aesthetically beautiful, they are lacking in resources.

Best locations to stay in Sons of the Forest

The Helicopter Accident Location is an excellent location for establishing a stronghold in Sons of the Forest. No, we’re not talking about the one where you appear in the game, but the one near the grotto where you can get the Rope Gun. The fact that it is close to food, water, and other provisions makes it an ideal location. Furthermore, there is plenty of room for you to construct a large house or a treehouse. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

Building a base close a waterway can also assist you in obtaining sustenance and water. While you can consume pure river water and keep it in your Flask, you can also capture fish with Fish Traps. These traps can be constructed easily using sticks, and they can help you catch plenty of fish you can cook and eat. But first, survey the region to see if there are any cannibal camps nearby.

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