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Unlocking the Secret: Discover if Avada Kedavra Exists in Hogwarts Legacy

Anyone who has read or seen the Harry Potter films or books would be aware that Avada Kedavra is an Unforgivable Curse in the Wizarding World. All three of these curses are so painful and terrible that anyone who employs them on another person is considered unforgivable. To wield them properly, you must even have genuinely terrible ideas. That being said, in Hogwarts Legacy, you may build your own witch or wizard that enrolls in their fifth year at the school and master a variety of iconic spells from the franchise. Is one of them Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse?

Can Avada Kedavra be used in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, the Avada Kedavra spell is included in Hogwarts Legacy, and you’ll be able to use it if you choose to become an evil witch or wizard. You must achieve level 28 and finish Sebastian’s quest, In the Shadow of the Relic, to learn it.” Unless you tackle a lot of side material, you will very certainly have completed the main plot before receiving this mission.

In this task, you will speak with Sebastian and must pick between two speech options in order for him to teach you the magic. Knowing it has no bad consequences, thus we advocate acquiring it. Choose “Everyone should know the curse” and “Yes, please” when prompted.

Avada Kedavra, like in the Harry Potter novels and films, is an immediate death spell. When you use it on an adversary, their health will be reduced to zero in an instant. To learn the spell, you must draw a lightning bolt, similar to the scar on Harry Potter’s head, who hasn’t yet been born at the start of this game.

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