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Unlock Your Ultimate Health Potential: A Guide to Boosting Frey’s Max Health in Forspoken

There are several statistics to be concerned about in Forspoken, but none are more vital than your health. The quantity of health you have determines whether you will survive the next hit or have to restart from your previous save. Increasing your maximum health isn’t something that happens only in Forspoken. Instead, you must strive for stat boosts by locating them in the environment. In Forspoken, this article will show you how to boost Frey’s maximum health.

How to Boost Your Maximum Health in Forspoken

There are several points of interest to explore across the globe of Athia. While some of them provide experience, others provide stat boosts. It’s simple to believe that increasing your health just means leveling up as you move through the game. Instead, you must seek out certain deviations known as Monuments, which provide health boosts.

Monuments are a form of diversion that grants you stat boosts. There are other more diversions that boost your stats, but they mostly help your magic. You must find Monuments to Justice if you wish to enhance your maximum health. Monuments are often located on high ground. To interact with one, you must first demolish the rocks surrounding it. Interacting with Monuments to Justice raises Frey’s maximum health by 5 points.

Another technique for raising Frey’s maximum health is to change your gear. The necklace and cloak you have Frey wear will improve different numbers, one of which is her maximum health. Each piece of equipment has distinct advantages, so choose the ones that are perfect for your playstyle.

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