Unlock the Ultimate Shooting Threat: How to Get 95 OVR Cameron Thomas in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

Cameron Thomas, the Nets’ SG/SF, scored 40 points in back-to-back games against the Wizards and Clippers on February 4 and 6, respectively. A new 95 OVR Moments card starring Thomas is now available in NBA 2K23 and MyTeam to celebrate his 47-point performance against the Clippers on the 6th. So, how do you obtain the child? Let’s go through what has to be done.

How to Obtain Moments Thomas is a member of MyTeam.

Moments cards have traditionally asked MyTeam players to select a different version of the Moments featured player and recreate that individual’s stat line. Moments Jalen Duren, for example, required players to utilize one of Duren’s two other cards to earn points and rebounds that matched his January 23 figures.

This one, on the other hand, will be unique. 95 OVR Thomas, like the 97 OVR Moments Damian Lillard card, is alternatively accessible in the Token Market. The Token Market previously featured Series participants as well as products from previous Seasons’ prize paths.

All that is required to obtain 95 OVR Cameron Thomas is 125 Tokens. Tokens may be gained in a variety of ways, including daily login into MyTeam, fulfilling Agendas, and a range of other activities.

Because there is no opportunity to fulfill Agendas for this item, bear in mind that the only way to obtain it is through the Token Market. Other Moments cards that formerly had a series of limited-time Agendas linked to them, such as 97 OVR Donovan Mitchell and 96 OVR Lauri Markkanen, are also available through the Token Market.

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