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Unlock the terror of the Dead Space remake on Steam Deck – Can you handle it?

Dead Space was first launched in 2008, several years before the notion of a Steam Deck was even considered. Fortunately, Motive Studios has updated the space horror classic using the most recent version of the powerful Frostbite engine. Isaac Clarke and his engineer setup have never looked better, and this has piqued fans’ interest in how the Steam Deck might perform on the powerful handheld device. If you want to be afraid on the move, this article will show you how to play the Dead Space remake on Steam Deck.

How does Dead Space Remake work on Steam Deck?

Dead Space Remake has been completely recreated for current PCs and next-generation platforms. Many of the game’s earlier mechanics have been drastically altered, and the Frostbite engine has completely revamped the aesthetics. The PC requirements for this version of Dead Space are high due to the emphasis on visuals. Unfortunately, we cannot suggest Dead Space on this platform owing to the graphics push and power limits of the Steam Deck.

Dead Space will allow you to load it up and play the game, but with major caveats; for example, we recommend that you set all visuals to Low and FSR 2.0 Mode to Ultra Performance. The game will run at these settings, hovering between 30 and 40 frames per second, but nearly every room will produce significant freezes that can last several seconds. This makes the game tedious, and the cheap visuals greatly reduce visual quality.

Dead Space Remake is a fantastic game that reminds players why the trilogy is so beloved by fans, although we recommend playing it on a powerful PC or next-generation consoles. Although Steam Deck optimization is possible, it may be time to play the original Dead Space, which runs really well on Steam Deck.

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