You are currently viewing Unlock the Secrets of the Symbols Necklace: A Guide to Acquiring and Mastering this Coveted Item in Forspoken

Unlock the Secrets of the Symbols Necklace: A Guide to Acquiring and Mastering this Coveted Item in Forspoken

One of the most important aspects of Forpsoken is gathering stuff from throughout the globe to utilize to improve Frey’s powers both in and out of combat. In Forspoken, you may gain three sorts of equipment: nails, necklaces, and cloaks. Each of these things has distinct powers linked with it, therefore it is advisable to select or modify one that matches your playstyle. The Symbols necklace is simply one of several necklaces available, however it is only available on the PlayStation. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining the Symbols necklace in Forspoken.

Where can I locate the Symbols necklace in Forspoken?

Necklaces are only one piece of gear you’ll find as you explore the realm of Athia in Forspoken. Frey will dress up in her new clothing, which includes an antique cloak, soon after arriving in this planet. This is the Hooded Cloak, and it is the first item you will obtain in the game. After obtaining this cloak, you can explore the land of Athia in search of other gear items to boost Frey’s stats. However, if you pre-ordered the game on PS5, you already have access to a few equip pieces.

Those who preordered the game on PS5 will receive the Symbols necklace, which is shaped like the PlayStation symbols and comes with the “Enemies may be pushed down more readily by attack magic activated while parkour” perk. Because parkour magic is usually employed during battle, this is a wonderful benefit to have early in the game.

To equip the necklace, just enter the menu by tapping the touchpad on the PS5 controller. Once there, press R1 and L1 to access the gear menu. You may then equip the Symbols necklace by selecting the necklace option. Because the No Limits cloak is also a PS5 preorder bonus, if you pre-ordered the game, you will have access to it.

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