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Unlock the Secrets of NBA 2K23’s Eras Quick Play – A Game-Changing Feature for Basketball Fans

The development team has continued to add new features to NBA 2K23 following its first release. This applies not just to roster revisions or facescans, but also to new components and game types in general. In terms of the latter, the 2K team created a new mode dubbed Eras Quick Play in January. This mode is based on the Eras that are prevalent in this year’s game. But, exactly, what is Eras Quick Play? Let us investigate.

In NBA 2K23, what is Eras Quick Play?

2K23 now includes a new game option called Eras Quick Play. This mode may be accessed via the Play Now menu.

This feature is designed to function similarly to how standard Play Now works in NBA 2K23. It will, however, not include clubs from the 2022-23 season, instead focusing on rapid play through historical encounters. Players will be able to select vintage rosters from 2K23’s database and begin playing in shortened contests.

Another intriguing aspect of Eras Quick Play is that, in addition to rosters, fans will be able to enjoy the vintage overlays, filters, and appropriate visuals that are available in NBA 2K23 in this mode as well.

Eras Quick Play was included to NBA 2K23 in mid-January as part of the game’s pre-Season 4 patch update. The patch also included a variety of aesthetic modifications, as well as gameplay adjustments such as the elimination of Medium Anklebreaker responses in Triple Threat and reduced on-ball theft efficacy in certain scenarios. According to the patch notes, this mode has been included to NBA 2K23’s current-generation (Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5) editions.

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