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Unlock the Power of Direct Storage: A Guide to Understanding and Optimizing this Key Feature in Forspoken

Forspoken is a stunning open-world RPG set in the planet of Athia that is available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and PC. With its high system requirements, the game will fully use any PC’s hardware to ensure the greatest possible experience. One of the terms you may have heard about Forspoken is Direct Storage. There is a lot of misunderstanding concerning Direct Storage and how it will effect Forspoken. Let’s go through what it is and how it operates.

Direct Storage is covered in detail.

Direct Storage is a component of Microsoft’s DirectX API that aids with SSD (Solid State Drive) loading speeds. It effectively speeds the process of reading data from SSDs to ensure that an application loads as soon as feasible. It decompresses the data using the GPU and ensures that everything is read as quickly as possible. It also relieves CPU strain and decreases bottlenecks. Forspoken is the first PC game to make advantage of the Direct Storage functionality. As a result, Forspoken will load extremely quickly on a PC, especially if it has an NvME SSD.

While Direct Storage does shorten loading times on SATA SSDs, it really shines on NvME SSDs. Using an NvME SSD will drastically cut load times for games, especially those with high needs like Forspoken. Luminous Productions has already demonstrated how Direct Storage with an NvME SSD increases Forspoken’s speed, with loading times of one or two seconds. Direct Storage is already available to Xbox Series X/S customers, as the console was released with it in 2020. PC users may also enjoy this wonderful technology thanks to Forspoken.

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