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Unlock the Mama Automaton Minion: A Guide to Obtaining the Coveted Final Fantasy XIV Companion

In Final Fantasy XIV, you can add the Mama Automaton minion to your expanding companion collection. These friends do not provide any gameplay or fighting benefits by being around you, but they do follow you about and are lovely, which has to count for something. The MamaAutomaton is also a great minion to have around at Halloween. This guide will teach you how to obtain the Mama Automaton minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

In Final Fantasy XIV, where can I locate the Mama Automaton minion?

You may unlock the Mama Automaton and add a ghost companion by purchasing it from the Manderville Gold Saucer using MGP, the casino’s special currency. You may obtain MGP by exchanging Gil, the actual currency in Final Fantasy XIV, or by participating in one of the several mini-games available at the business. There are plenty to go through, and it may take some time to achieve the requisite 30,000 for Mama Automaton, but it shouldn’t be too tough.

It may be found by conversing with any Gold Saucer Attendant designated Prize Claim. When you speak with them, indicate that you wish to view the options in Prize III. You will be able to take the Mama Automaton home with you. If you’re searching for fast MGP, we recommend checking out any of the available mini-games that are opening while you’re at the Gold Saucer. These mini-games change as you visit.

While playing Final Fantasy XIV, the monster hovers in the air and follows you everywhere.

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