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Unlocking Mounts in Diablo IV Beta: All You Need to Know

You will be slaying legions of foes and gathering epic treasure in Diablo IV. You’ll also get to ride some of the most beautiful animals in the world. From ferocious demon steeds to icy dragon-like creatures, these horses are more than just a mode of transit; they are a declaration of your strength and style. Because, let’s face it, walking around Diablo IV’s vast universe is a chore. That is why it is critical to locate the mount and steady master positions. To make your trip through Sanctuary go more smoothly, finish Donan’s Favor, a quest that enables all mounts. Is it, however, accessible in the beta?

Is it possible to obtain horses in the Diablo IV beta?

Sadly, you won’t be able to feel the excitement of mounted battle during the beta. We’ve searched the country extensively and have only found one Stable Master, Miletka. She can be found in Fractured Peaks’ Sarkova Pass region.

Before you ride off into the twilight, you must first finish a mission to obtain access to these magnificent animals. Furthermore, because it is a level 30 mission, it is unavailable during the beta, which has a level 25 limit. When the entire game is released, you must complete the story until you approach and defeat the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” mission. Only then will the Stable Masters’ gates open, giving you the power to travel like a master.

It’ll just be you and your two feet until then. Even if you have some delicious horse drops, you won’t be able to ride them until you complete that task. It’s unfortunate, but don’t fret; we’ll keep our antennae to the ground and notify you as soon as this limitation is removed. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Miletka and the horses because, as we all know, strolling is for slackers.

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