You are currently viewing Unleash Your Inner Anime Hero with the Latest Roblox Showdown Codes – February 2023!

Unleash Your Inner Anime Hero with the Latest Roblox Showdown Codes – February 2023!

Anime Showdown immerses players in a universe greatly influenced by popular anime and manga, testing their power and ability against one another to see who can come out on top. Players are divided into two teams and must utilize both stealth and strength to ensure their team’s victory.

Because there are so many other anime Roblox games, the developer behind Anime Showdown has issued codes to assist draw people to their game instead. These codes provide free money and gems that may be used to buy cosmetics and new powers from the shop.

Codes for Anime Showdown

  • UPDATE1 — Reward: Coins (New)
  • SORRY4BUG — Reward: Gems and XP Rewards
  • SORRY4SHUTDOWN2 — Reward: 1k Coins and 1k Gems 
  • 10K! — Reward: 1k Coins and 1k Gems 
  • RELEASE — Reward: 10.5k Coins and 1k Gems

How to Redeem Anime Showdown Codes

Anime Showdown’s makers utilized a little unorthodox structure for their coupons, so it may not be immediately evident how to redeem them. You must take the following basic steps:

Navigate to the chat box in the upper left corner of your screen.
In the chat box, type!redeem followed by the code you wish to redeem (for example,!redeem SORRY4SHUTDOWN2).
When you press Enter, the rewards should be applied to your account.

How to Get More Anime Showdown Codes

Anime Showdown is currently under beta testing, so more codes are likely to be released in the future. If you want to know when they will be available, join the Anime Showdown Discord server and watch the #sub-announcements channel, where the crew will announce new codes and tell you how long they will be valid.

Why are my Anime Showdown coupons not working?

Your Anime Showdown coupons are most likely no longer valid since they have expired. Most Roblox creators intend for coupons to be good for a limited period, so you should redeem them as quickly as possible. Also, keep in mind that some codes are case-sensitive, so be careful how you write them into the chat box.

Why am I required to pay for Anime Showdown?

Anime Showdown now charges 200 Robux to join, but other Roblox experiences are free to play with in-game purchases. This is due to the fact that the game is still in its beta testing period, and the makers want to ensure that they only attract serious players to begin with. They have said that Anime Showdown will be made free to play in the future, so you can always wait if you don’t want to pay real money for it.

What exactly is Anime Showdown?

Anime Showdown is a 4v4 fighting game in which teams run, fly, and battle their way through several maps in an attempt to defeat their opponents. When players join, they are automatically allocated to either the Red or Blue team, but they can join their friends’ teams by using the!join command. While in beta testing, the game is only playable with mouse and keyboard inputs, so console and smartphone gamers will be out of luck for the time being.

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