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Unleash Unstoppable Power with the Ironclad Flight Mod in Warframe

Ironclad Flight is a Titania-exclusive Warframe mod augment. Mods are the foundation for upgrading up Frames and changing their skills and benefits. Augments are Frame-specific upgrades that enhance or change a certain ability or bonus for that character. The odd description of Ironclad Flight makes it appear to be a drawback to Titania, yet this is not the case. This article will show you how to use the Ironclad Flight mod in Warframe.

In Warframe, how do you use Ironclad Flight?

Ironclad Flight is a Titania-only mod and Warframe augment that may be worn in any regular or Exilus slot. This mod’s description is as follows. In Razorwing mode, Ironclad Flight disables Vacuum, but she also gets damage reduction.

At peak level, Titania will receive 40% damage mitigation in Razorwing mode. Titania’s ultimate ability is Razorwing. This ability allows her to shrink to the size of a butterfly and fly across the level at breakneck speed. The mod’s most intriguing feature is that it removes the Vacuum passive ability. Vacuum is a passive perk that allows Warframes to collect all adjacent ammunition, health, and energy orbs.

Normally, Vacuum is a wonderful passive perk, but Titania relies heavily on flying to make her playstyle work in challenging content. During flying or bullet leaps, her vacuum activates, causing her to absorb energy and health orbs when she doesn’t need them. Equipping this mod disables Vacuum, giving Titania players the freedom to select when they want or need to replenish their health and energy.

Ironclad Flight in Warframe: How to Unlock It?

To obtain this mod, you must first join the New Loka or Red Veil Syndicates. You may buy this mod for 25,000 Standing after gaining Standing with any of these two factions.

You may use this mod on Titania or Titania Prime after you’ve unlocked it. If you use this mod, you cannot use the Aviator mod since their effects are too close. If you intend to use her Razorwing ability to shrink, we recommend maxing up and wearing the Ironclad Flight mod.


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