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Unleash Quadruple Damage: Players Discover How to Attack Four Times with a Single Character in Fire Emblem Engage

Because Fire Emblem Engage is a strategy game, it’s no wonder that gamers devise innovative methods to approach combat and exploit the game’s principles. Iced Coffee Gaming on YouTube discovered a technique to have one of your troops attack four times in a single turn by utilizing a dancer and a special insignia ring.

Iced Coffee Gaming illustrates how awful this approach is and how you can use it even more effectively to provide several troops more than one turn during a player phase. Their YouTube channel is dedicated to providing detailed lessons for RPG and FPS games.

This technique will only be available if you have recruited Seadall in Chapter 15. Seadall is the sole character that possesses the Dancer class, which is an unique unit that revitalizes your units so they can act again during the player phase. He’ll need either Sigurd’s symbol ring or the talent Canter gained via Sigurd’s ring to be able to move after dancing for an ally.

After dancing, your unit may move a second time as long as it remains diagonally next to Seadall. Then, if you have a character with Byleth’s symbol ring, you can use their engage ability, Goddess Dance, to rejuvenate both your dancer and the unit that has already moved twice. This allows that unit to travel a third time and gives the dancer a fourth turn.

The Fire Emblem community has been having a fantastic time breaking the game, with gamers discovering exploits to constantly receive S-rank bond rings and ways to farm money rapidly. There are several methods for a player to approach specific encounters using the symbol ring feature. The speedrunning crowd will have a fantastic time attempting to disassemble this game in order to defeat it as quickly as possible.

With the game only a week old, new strategies will undoubtedly emerge from the Fire Emblem community. You may now experiment with this new approach to give your soldiers four turns and see how formidable your army can become.

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