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Undisputed Career Mode: Will it be Accessible During Early Access?

The wait for a simulation boxing game has neared its end with Steel City Interactive’s Undisputed early access on Steam. Those who have ordered the title on PC will be able to enter the ring and fight as legendary boxers like Canelo Alvarez, Tyson Fury, or Muhammad Ali. But what if you want to start your own career in a virtual setting? Will Undisputed players be able to play in career mode during early access? Here’s what we know.

Can you play Career Mode in Undisputed?

Throughout the promotion of Undisputed (fka eSports Boxing Club), the folks at Steel City Interactive have promised that the new game will feature a career mode that will allow fans to move up the ladder in the competitive boxing scene. However, career mode won’t be available during the onset of the early access period.

In the Undisputed Discord server, the developers have made it well-known that the title will have a career mode. Players who log in to the early access version will get a career mode option in Undisputed. But, those who play at the beginning of the game’s early access period will find it locked.

The good news for sports gamers and boxing fans is that the developers plan to make the mode available to be played at some point further down the line in early access. We don’t have a date for its inclusion at this point. Undisputed will come with many other modes, like offline fights against AI and online competition.

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