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Uncover the Secrets: Yama Sword in Blox Fruits – Elite Hunter Location & Spawn Time

Blox Fruits is a famous Roblox online game that immerses players in an amazing realm of adventure and conflict. The Yama sword, widely regarded as one of the greatest weapons available, is one of the most wanted items in the game. Obtaining this weapon, however, is no simple chore. Here’s a detailed tutorial to obtaining the Yama sword and locating the Elite Hunter in Blox Fruits.

Location and spawn timing of Elite Hunters and Elite Pirates

The Elite Hunter is an NPC in Blox Fruits that can be found in the Castle on the Sea section of the Third Sea. He gives you assignments to fight one of three Elite Pirates that appear at random on different islands. Once they arrive, the Elite Hunter will notify you of their position, and you will need to accept his quests to take on the Elite Pirates.

An Elite Pirate must already be present on an island in order to get an assignment from the Elite Hunter. These adversaries spawn every 10 minutes, and once beaten, a new assignment will become available after 10 minutes. You will be awarded with valuable things and resources if you complete these objectives, and your chances of getting the Yama sword will improve.

Obtaining the Yama Sword

To get the Yama sword, you must first complete the prerequisites. You must have completed at least 20 Elite Hunter or Player Hunter missions combined. The more quests you complete, the more likely you are to get the sword, with 30 tasks providing a 100% probability of success.

Once you have completed the prerequisites, you can go to the Secret Temple on Hydra Island, which is hidden behind a waterfall that leads to the sea. An Observation Break technique can be used to break down the temple’s gate. You must click on the sword four times to draw it.

If you fail to complete the prerequisites while attempting to draw the sword, you will be killed and receive the message “The sword has rejected you!” “You are not deserving” will flash on your screen. If you complete the prerequisites, the notice “The sword has accepted you as its new owner” will appear instead. Obtaining Yama is a difficult endeavor, but once completed, it is a gratifying experience.

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