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Uncharted Mastery: World of Warcraft Player Hits Max Level Within Exile’s Reach Starting Ship

The core of World of Warcraft leveling is going out and completing quests through fighting and other activities. Over the years, Azeroth and the world beyond have grown into massive areas to explore, with several destinations to choose from for leveling fun. However, one conscientious player elected to forego all of these choices in favor of quietly sitting at the first spawn place for new characters on the Exile’s Reach beginning area boat. They did nothing but stay motionless while employing cunning techniques and patience to attain the maximum level.

To be fair, it does need some effort on the part of the player, but not on the part of the character being leveled. The gamer in question came to Reddit to demonstrate how to level up without leaving the Exile’s Reach starting ship or engaging with anything outside of the task screen.

World of Warcraft’s Pet Battle system includes five daily tasks to defeat particular Pet Battlers around Azeroth. These missions yield good experience and are account-wide, which means they may be finished on any character on the account and then completed through the quest log on another. The strategy here simply entails ensuring that these objectives are completed on the character who is still aboard the beginning ship on a daily basis.

This is the ideal technique to passively level a character because they never have to engage in combat, grouping, or anything else but clicking through the mission menu. This method may be completed in as little as five minutes every day, with the journey from level 60 to 70 lasting around 60 actual days.

Patience is required, but it is entertaining to know that a peaceful run of World of Warcraft is feasible without ever playing the game, as long as there is a character capable of providing completed missions to the leveling toon. Now that the secret has been out, it will be fascinating to see if Blizzard allows it to continue.

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