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Transform Your Disney Dreamlight Valley Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Resident Skins

Over the years since its initial release, Disney Dreamlight Valley has seen numerous revisions. There are now more people living in the world, there are more tasks to complete, and overall, life is better than ever. Among the many requested alterations is the option to give the locals new wardrobes. Sure, it becomes monotonous to see Merlin wearing the same blue robe and hat every time he strolls around the valley. Use this walkthrough to learn how to alter the appearance of residents in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, the locals have figured out how to make minor adjustments to their wardrobe.
At the time of the game’s initial release, Ariel was the only native of the valley who could be customized. After she finished her mission, she would return to human shape and stroll the valley. The Missions in Uncharted Space patch included the ability to change Mickey and Merlin’s appearance.

One for Merlin and one for Mickey can be obtained as part of the seasonal Star Path. These skins cost 50 tokens each, so make sure you’ve finished your Dreamlight Duties. Once you’ve unlocked a skin, you can go to the character customization screen and alter how Merlin or Mickey look.

Choose “Collection” from the menu options. Choose the Characters option from the Collection menu. The outfit icon should now appear over Mickey Mouse’s, Ariel’s, and Merlin’s portraits. When you click on one of them, a secondary menu will appear from which you can select the clothing option you want. You can pick between Ariel’s human and mermaid guises. Until you select otherwise, the character will always appear in this attire.

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