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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve Pressure Trigger Puzzles

You may interact with a variety of unique items, creatures, and riddles in Tower of Fantasy. You may even interact with the many flora located around Aesperia and Vera’s realms. Pressure Trigger puzzles are one of the numerous new world features included with the Miasmic Swamp upgrade. These devices may appear easy, yet they may be rather difficult to construct. You will be rewarded for taking the appropriate activities. This tutorial will walk you through the process of resolving Pressure Trigger problems in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Solve Tower of Fantasy’s Pressure Trigger Puzzles

You may have come across these weird devices scattered across the Miasmic Swamp. The core machine has three prongs and is surrounded by pressure plates of varying sizes. These are known as Pressure Trigger puzzles in the game. There are two sorts of these puzzles to look out for: those with a time constraint and those with memory games. Color Mushrooms are also dispersed around the swamp, so these aren’t the only riddles added with the update.

The first sort of these problems are those with a time constraint. When you tread on the pressure plates around the core, they light up briefly and then fade away. Around the core, there are usually three or four pressure plates. The trick to finishing this puzzle version is to walk on all of the pressure plates quickly enough to keep them all lighting up. If you succeed, you will receive a Black or Gold Nucleus as a prize.

The alternative form of this challenge needs you to recall a pattern using your head. To begin the puzzle, use an electric weapon to strike the center core. This charges the core and causes the pressure plates to glow. The pressure plates will light up in a precise order, and you must push them in the same order. You will be awarded if you complete everything right. You may pick up the reward for both riddles at the center core. Check out the various attractions that the Miasmic Swamp has to offer.

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