You are currently viewing Tower of Fantasy Fans Rejoice: Discover the Timing of the Next Special Order Banner

Tower of Fantasy Fans Rejoice: Discover the Timing of the Next Special Order Banner

Tower of Fantasy, the popular gacha MMO that has been giving Genshin Impact a run for its money, uses mechanics that are quite similar to miHoYo’s competition. One such overlapping aspect is the diverse roster of playable characters and the way of obtaining them – particularly, spending premium cash to “roll” a new member to your team. These gambling-related rolls are classified as Special Orders in Tower of Fantasy, although many players refer to them as banners.

The Choice Weapons and Choice Matrices Special Orders are permanent, however there are also event-related Special Orders that come and go on a timer. The current Event Special Order and the next one to cycle in are shown below.

What is the current Tower of Fantasy Special Order Banner?

There are currently two Event Special Orders available. The first, named “Royal Endowment,” allows players to root for the Simulacrum Annabella and her sniper rifle armament Clover Cross until February 1. The second banner, “Burning Reaction,” is a reprint banner that gives players another chance to get Cobalt-B and her Flaming Revolver.

When will the new Special Order Banner be released in Tower of Fantasy?

The next major Event Special Order will be the release of new Simulacrum Alyss on February 2. As an ice-based attacker, Alyss’s weapon, Unyielding Wing, can do significant damage on the field. Her fighting has a dance-like fluidity to it, and her Latent State talent transforms her into a butterfly and flutters around the arena. She was previously exclusively available in the Chinese version of the game, but with the new Special Order, she will be played for the first time by worldwide audiences.

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