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Tips for Attracting a Thriving Beaver Population in Timberborn

In most colony-building games, you’ll want to boost efficiency and expand your community from its humble origins. Most of the time, you will accomplish this by growing the populace of your settlement. Timberborn’s beavers are no exception in this respect. More beavers translate into more employees and a bigger, more efficient community. What complicates matters is whether you’re acting as Folktails or Iron Teeth, the game’s two beaver groups. They take distinct approaches to population growth, but we will describe both in this guidance. Here’s how to increase the number of beavers in Timberborn.

How to Increase the Number of Beavers in Timberborn

Being a beaver has the advantage of not caring whether you slumber inside or outside. That alters if you intend to have more beavers, and the two beaver groups handle reproduction differently.

Performing as Folktails

Folktail beavers are social creatures who respect their well-being. You must appeal to those values if you want to grow your Folktail community. To do so, go to the Housing option and create a Lodging of your choosing. Basic homes can house up to three beavers, making them ideal for reproducing. Bring in a couple of beavers, and if their Happiness is high enough, they will shortly create a baby beaver to fill the third spot. Installing fireplaces inside Folktail beaver homes is the best method to make them content. With this method, you’ll have great control over your beaver population because once you don’t need any more beavers, you can just stop building houses for them.

Performing the role of Iron Teeth

Iron Tooth beavers are the more practical of the two categories. To increase your Iron Teeth population, you must construct Breeding Pods from the Dwelling option. Then you must provide fruit and water to your new Breeding Pods, which will then go to work producing young beavers every five days. To halt the production of newborn Iron Teeth beavers, simply cease providing berries and water to the Breeding Pods.

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