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The Ultimate Guide to Activating Carbon-Aware Features on the Series X and S

One of the best aspects of the Xbox Series X and S consoles is its wide power-saving settings, which can greatly lower the system’s energy consumption. The trade-off is that the console takes longer to load up, but this is a tiny price to pay for a cheaper bill and considerably lower consumption rate, especially as these settings can reduce power usage when inactive from 10/15 watts to 0.5 watts.

How to Locate and Use the Xbox Series X/S Carbon Energy Features

Simply click on the Settings icon on the home page, which is towards the top of the screen and is symbolized by a cog symbol, to enable the energy-saving capabilities in Xbox Series X/S systems. Go to the General tab in the Settings menu, then click on Power Options. This will take you to the General Power Options page, which contains the majority of the energy features.

For the Xbox Series X/S, the default energy saving settings are Shut-down (energy saving) and Sleep. Shut-down saves the most power because it switches off the console while still allowing Xbox Series X/S games and upgrades to be placed on the system. When the Sleep option is selected, the console is put to sleep rather than shutting down, allowing it to be turned on and accessed via remote features, allowing the console to boot up faster. In comparison, the Sleep option consumes 20 times the power of Shut-down.

Modify power options on the General Power options page to further customize how the Xbox Series X/S utilizes power. This page allows the user to specify how long it takes for the system to turn off while inactive and to deactivate automatic updates. The page also includes Xbox Series X/S TV settings, which control which devices can turn the console on or off.

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