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The “Terrible” Game Flooding Steam in 2023: Swimming Poo!

Steam is brimming with odd games that attract people looking for hidden content. These games are often low-budget and have tiny production teams, yet they entice players with their unusual principles and bizarre presentations. Swimming Poo offers one of the most bizarre gaming concepts yet; the game is about a young swimmer named Simon who hangs out in an aqua center with his anthropomorphic poo.

Simon escapes from pool guards who try to imprison him using his farts and his poo sidekick. The game pays homage to 1960s American consumerism by providing an extravagant aquapark full of attractions and difficulties. Players will be able to explore an open sandbox and engage in arcade games in the game. Simon has the ability to fart and contaminate pool zones in order to avoid, leap, and hide from attackers on the map.

Swimming Poo was created by Nikolaus Games, an independent development firm, and bears the slogan “a game you didn’t anticipate.” The game’s free trial will be available later this year, although no exact release date has been announced. Players may add the game to their wishlist right now and will be alerted as soon as the demo is available. Nikolaus teased the game with a CGI teaser that included an early prototype of the game. The video, like the game’s premise, is ridiculous and immature, with the introduction satirizing America’s commercialism and water-based amusement parks.

Swimming Poo may be too coarse and unabashedly disgusting for many gamers, but it will undoubtedly find a following base among those who prefer the more childish form of comedy. It’s also likely that YouTubers and other let’s play gamers may find this game and generate a slew of material to keep people entertained. The big question now is whether Swimming Poo will be compatible with the Steam Deck, allowing you to play a game about flushing poo while really flushing your poo in the toilet.

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