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The Sims 4 Infant Update Brings Baby Fever in March

The Sims 4 community broadcast includes an announcement about something simmers have been waiting for a long time: the release date of the newborn update. The Sims team teased a few months ago that they’d ultimately upgrade kids from objects in a bassinet to full-fledged, interacting sims. Infants, like toddlers, would now crawl, play, eat, bathe, and develop. Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath for this update to arrive in Origin, but it appears that the wait is (nearly) over.

The newborn update, like many other The Sims 4 upgrades, will be released in a regularly scheduled patch. On March 14, the patch in issue will be updated on simmers’ machines. After that date, your sim and their child will be able to bond like never before. The newborn upgrade will change the entire game, from Evergreen Harbor to Del Sol Valley – unless you don’t play with families very often. In that case, the free March 14 update will be as expected.

Infants in The Sims 4 were more like fish than young sims for over a decade. You only had contact with them in their bassinet. However, as of the newborn update, infants are as interactable as toddlers. In The Sims 4 Community Stream, developers demonstrated a multitude of baby-related activities. You may play with them, feed them, wash them, and do a variety of other things with them. Some of their new behavior, such as small giggles and silly faces, will be lovely.

However, be wary of tantrums, teething, and crawling all over the place. Your sim family will never be the same again, for better or worse. And with The Sims 4 Generations-style Expansion Pack anticipated to be introduced in The Sims 4 YouTube Stream on February 2, family relations may shift even more.

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