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The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack: Build a Better Family in March

Family-oriented Simmers are about to hit the Expansion pack jackpot, since the newest The Sims 4 expansion pack: Growing Together will be available in little over a month. Following the launch of the newborn update a few days ago, this March will be all about generational progression. Every sim, from newborns to the elderly, may strengthen and improve their ties with their loved ones.

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack will be released on March 16, just two days after the newborn update, according to an official announcement trailer. From board games and puzzles to intricate tree structures, this expansion pack will feature activities for all ages. Even your Sims’ relationships will be enhanced, with new methods for siblings to express affection and additional opportunities for adults to engage with their children. Growing Together enriches family activity, whether it’s a day at the water park or a night in the living room. This pack is reminiscent to The Sims 3 Generation pack, a fan favorite, for old-school simmers.

The world is named San Sequoia, and the charming family seen in the announcement trailer is The Michaelesons, a huge and loving intergenerational home, according to a Sims Community leak from the German version of the game. This leak also revealed details not shown in the reveal trailer, such as the addition of mid-life crises, altering personality traits, immediate chemistry, and family bonding moments that may make or break your family dynamics. San Sequoia, like previous expansion packs, is presumably based on other seaside towns-turned-bustling-cities, such as Baltimore or Seattle.

Following the success of the High School Years expansion pack, it’s only natural that EA focused even more on appealing to family-oriented players. With Growing Together and the newborn update on the way, March appears to be the ideal moment to launch another legacy challenge with a larger and better family.

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