You are currently viewing The release date trailer for Mighty Doom on mobile turns Doom into an adorable game

The release date trailer for Mighty Doom on mobile turns Doom into an adorable game

Today we received one of the greatest glimpses at Mighty Doom’s next mobile game. We’ve never used the term “adorable” to describe something from Doom, but that’s about to change. This is a “top-down” shooter action game that you may play on your mobile device. If you aren’t already a fan of the Doom series, this may be a good place to start.

In this clip, we meet the most adorable Tiny Slayer. He’s not only little and adorable, but he’s also tough and ready to take on some nasty monsters. This game will be just as vicious as previous Doom installments. You’ll be running and gunning your way through all of the little demons and famous stages, as well as facing off against various bosses. Furthermore, like with every current Doom game, you will be able to gain strong talents and improve your armor.

Mighty Doom will be released on March 21 for both Android and iOS mobile users, and you may pre-register your account. You will be alerted once the game debuts in March, and you will be able to acquire a free launch Mini Slayer pack that contains gear and special skins if you have pre-registered.

The introduction clip clearly states that this is set in the Doom animated universe, which is based on the Doom Slayer toys found in both Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal. The cinematic gives us major Toy Story or Little Soldiers vibes, but as previously stated, the actual gameplay looks a little different. If nothing else, this should be a good method to play Doom on the move.

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