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The Most Disappointing Reward in Gaming History!

Every month, World of Warcraft’s Trading Post content has had some amazing rewards to acquire. However, the feature hasn’t exactly taken off, as it has been plagued by a slew of problems and issues since its debut in February. While the majority of them have been handled, one fan found the ultimate sin when donning the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne hat on their female Gnome character.

The player went to Reddit to express their disappointment, displaying the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne as more of a strange visor than a cap. Clipping is prevalent in games that feature races with varying appearances and shapes, but most do not enable the player’s head to actually pop through the helmet.

This is ridiculous. from wow

Supporters have been cracking up about it on social media. Gnomes always seem to get the short end of the stick in World of Warcraft, and many people believe the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne is merely working as designed. Some argue that Blizzard employees don’t play as Gnomes because the species always has bizarre issues. Gnomes have faced a variety of challenges over the years, including a Burning Crusade labyrinth that required them to swim in places that other species could simply stroll through.

Some Gnome players have noted that the Dread Pirate’s Bicorne issue is less visible on their characters, and it appears to be dependent on the hairstyle or customizations selected for the particular toon. They all concur, however, that the ear clipping is constant, despite the fact that headwear in WoW have always had this problem. In reality, the MMO’s head gear effectively gives any race a buzz cut because no parts of the hair show from underneath them, a feature that its rival, Final Fantasy XIV, has done much better with over the years.

World of Warcraft is an ancient game with engine constraints that result in some intriguing visuals. While this one is a little excessive, many people have found comedy in it, and it certainly makes us grin, though we hope Blizzard corrects it soon for this user.

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