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The Last of Us developers hype multiplayer while celebrating the franchise’s 10-year anniversary

As the 10-year anniversary of The Last of Us approaches, Naughty Dog gives his thoughts on the series. Despite the fact that the only notable game release from the series last year was a hefty next-gen remake of the first one, The Last of Us Part I, the developers are looking forward to the future and are teasing their next big project in the franchise, the upcoming multiplayer game set in the world of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us will celebrate its tenth anniversary in June, according to a blog on the Naughty Dog website. Unfortunately, the only official facts the team gives about the highly anticipated multiplayer game in the article are concept images depicting the decaying ruins of a massive cruise liner stranded in a port somewhere in San Francisco, California, the setting for the online game. In The Last of Us Part II, players traveled to California.

It’s a similar token to the one given out by the Naughty Dog team last year when they revealed details about the multiplayer game, formally describing it as a separate multiplayer experience and presenting the first official art piece. The team has stated that they will be able to provide additional information in the future, which will most likely be closer to the formal anniversary later this year, on June 9.

Over the last decade, the franchise as a whole has achieved extraordinary success, selling more than 37 million copies as of December 2022. This is even before The Last of Us Part I remake arrives on PC on March 3, diverging from its exclusive PlayStation 5 release in September 2022.

Naughty Dog’s blog entry is well timed. Not only is it a fitting way to commemorate the success of The Last of Us franchise, but it occurs only days before The Last of Us television program premieres on HBO Max in a few days, offering a significant push for the series in 2023 as we await further news on the future multiplayer game.

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