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Dominate the Battlefield: The Top Marksman Rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has an extensive assortment of weapons that players may use in battle. Because of their great damage, Marksman Rifles have become a popular favorite among the many weapons available. However, not every Marksman Rifle is worthwhile, and some are just superior to others. We highlight the top Marksman Rifles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in this guide so that players may prioritize the correct rifle for their battles.


TAQ-M is a master of none and a jack of all trades. TAQ-M does not excel in any single category, but it also does not fall short. The semi-automatic Marksman Rifle is a good choice for beginning gamers seeking for a simple weaponry to operate. However, because to its poor damage and firing rate, it’s not a rifle that will gain you success in highly competitive lobbies on a constant basis.

SP-R 208

The SP-R 208 has always been a divisive weapon, dividing the fandom. You either adore the weapon or despise it vehemently. This is because, while the SP-R 208 can one-shot opponents with a headshot, its tremendous recoil makes it difficult to exploit the gun’s total capabilities. However, in the proper hands, the SP-R 208 may be a lethal weapon capable of wreaking devastation.

SA-B 50

Although the SA-B 50 boasts the most damage and mobility of any Marksman Rifle, it lacks range and has notable recoil. These flaws, however, are easily remedied with the appropriate accessories. As a result, while the SA-B 50, like the SP-R 208, is not for everyone, it is undeniably a devastating weapon in the correct conditions.

Lockwood MK2

The Lockwood MK2 is a well-rounded Marksman Rifle that excels in a variety of areas. It is effective at all ranges, with high damage, accuracy, and mobility. The firing rate may not be on pace with other Marksman Rifles, but the old dependable Lockwood MK2 can never go wrong.


The EBR-14, one of the game’s most popular Marksman Rifles, is a lethal weapon at any range. Although the pistol is sluggish, it doesn’t matter because you’ll take out opponents with few shots. It also boasts an excellent Fire Rate and good handling, making the rifle very easy to operate.

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