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Surviving the Wilderness: Secrets to Healing in Sons of the Forest

You will be walking around with poor vitality for the majority of your first day in Sons of the Forest. However, this can place you in a difficult situation because you will meet numerous enemies while exploring the jungle, and one hit from them can send you to your death. As a result, learning how to recover in Sons of the Forest is critical if you want to live longer.

In Sons of the Forest, how do you restore your character?

Using meds is the quickest method to recover in the game. You could have obtained at least two bottles of meds if you investigated the boxes around you in the beginning area. To get to them, go to your collection and hit the ‘I’ key. Medication is the fastest method to heal yourself, but it is uncommon. You won’t be able to get your hands on them readily, so don’t squander them when you do.

Consuming sustenance is another way to repair yourself. You can use either canned or prepared foods. Because canned food is scarce in Sons of the Forest, you’ll have to depend on prepared dinners for the most part. To prepare sustenance, you must first start a fire and capture an animal. We suggest putting up Fish Traps in various locations to help you capture a lot of fish. You can also gather up berries and mushrooms while roaming around the jungle, which can aid in recovering.

If you were successful in constructing a refuge for yourself, you can also use it to restore your character. Sleeping in a shelter enables your character to regenerate vitality. However, to get the best outcomes, make sure your character ate and drank before retiring to bed, as it won’t have much of an impact otherwise.

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