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Survival Challenge: Will Your Tools Survive in Sons of the Forest?

To survive your terrifying adventure in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to collect hundreds of tools and weaponry. However, understanding that in survival games, tools and firearms typically fail if used too frequently, you may be wondering if this will happen here as well. You examine the tools in your collection and they all have three numbers, but you have no clue what they signify. Is one of those numbers indicative of durability? So, in this quick tutorial, we’ll inform you whether tools and weapons can be broken in Sons of the Forest.

Will weapons in Sons of the Wild fail if you use them too much?

The three numbers displayed by tools and weaponry in Sons of the Forest reflect their speed, damage, and protection. Because there is no durability factor in Sons of the Forest, weapons do not disintegrate if used excessively. You can keep cutting branches left and right without thinking about the hatchet. It would be absurd if the shovel could shatter because there are firearms and tools that cannot be crafted.

Most tools are extremely difficult to obtain, but they are required to finish the task. You could argue that if you could make tools, the game would be simpler because you wouldn’t have to rush from one cave to another looking for something. Other things, however, can go wrong in Lords of the Wild.

The hostile mutants and cannibals can destroy your improvised shelter’s structures. If you simply remain inside your home while the hostels assault, they will begin to damage your walls. You will only need to use the repair utility to restore them. You can make this extremely handy implement out of a stick, a stone, and some rope.

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