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Suicide Squad’s Preorder Cosmetics Unveiled in Leaked Images

Thousands of fans are looking forward to Rocksteady’s forthcoming game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, following their State of Play showcase. A recent leak of the purported primary interface of Warner Bros. Games’ game, on the other hand, started to deflate the hype. According to the picture, the game will include a Battle Pass and at least six coins. Now, a recent would-be purchase cosmetic disclosure has piqued their interest.

An official Batman Arkham Twitter account went to their social media platform to reveal what would be an upcoming presale extra cosmetic for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. EllianTmz captured this picture from the game’s Spanish trailer, which is slightly longer than the clip published for English viewers. The stolen image depicts all four Suicide Squad members dressed in traditional DC attire. Harley is dressed in her signature red and black clown outfit. Captain Boomerang is dressed in a light blue suit with a boomerang design and, of course, a golden boomerang. Deadshot and Shark King, on the other hand, appear to be about to make their arena d├ębut, dressed in a red costume with metallic coverings and a singlet.

The purported extra cosmetic material, combined with the recent menu leak, sparked outrage on Reddit and Twitter. Most prospective players claim that their “flagging interest in this game diminishes a little more,” and that Rocksteady’s first game in eight years is “a goddamned live service looter shooter.”

With remarks like these circulating, it is obvious that the community is skeptical and fears that Suicide Squad is a live service game. Neither Rocksteady nor Warner Bros. has intervened to dispel the reports about either disclosure. As a result, we will have to wait until the developers react to this leak and disclose additional project information.

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