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Steam Labs Strikes Again: New Page Showcases DLC for Your Already Owned Games

For DLC aficionados, this may be a valuable new Steam feature.
One of the reasons Steam has remained one of the most popular gaming platforms is the Valve team’s dedication to create the finest user interface possible. I’m still in the camp that would prefer see them release more games rather than shutting down production to focus only on Steam (despite their claims), but at the very least they’re continually making updates to the store that make the game-buying experience more delightful. With Steam Labs, they also make their testing process more public by “doing dozens of tests around discoverability, video, machine learning, and more.”

The website’s most recent experiment is called DLC For You, and it is a page that aggregates information about the DLC you have yet to get for games you already own. It’s essentially another fancy way for Steam to market material to you, but if you’re a fan of DLC and want a more streamlined approach to purchase add-ons for your favorite games, this website may be useful.

A write-up on the Steam Labs website explains what to expect from your DLC page (which you can check out right now). The primary area of the website will showcase the most popular DLC for games you’ve previously played, whether it’s a recent title or one that was published years ago. You may also alter the display to see DLC from games you’ve recently played or those you’ve played the most in general.

The at-a-glance figures at the top of the page are perhaps the most informative, as they tell you how many titles are in your library altogether, how many DLCs are in your library, and, most crucially, how many DLC packs are available to purchase for your games right now.

With so much information to keep track of on Steam, perhaps having this added bit of knowledge would help us appreciate our experience even more. Only time will tell if gamers find the feature beneficial, as it will either graduate from Steam Labs and be fully incorporated, or it will be archived among the other rejected concepts.

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