You are currently viewing Sports Story 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Sports Story 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Gaming Experience!

Sports Story has a few more hurdles to overcome than Golf Story due to the large array of sports to learn. However, once you begin to play, these other sports will be less apparent. When it comes to getting through the early stages of the game without too many problems, there are a few recommended practices to follow.

Get into the groove of things.

Although Sports Story makes a point of growing beyond its club-based beginnings, many of its activities still revolve around driving and putting objects all over the world. Even if you’d rather play volleyball, if you want to advance in the game, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of golf mechanics. To begin, make sure your shot is lined up by adjusting distance and accuracy with the left stick while considering for factors such as wind and uneven ground.

However, before you take the shot, try altering the angle of your shot using the appropriate stick. Hitting the ball on the bottom will lift it higher into the air, allowing it to travel less distance after impact and sail over obstacles while being more prone to being caught in the wind. Hitting it on the top keeps it low, letting it to cut through bad weather and give it more run on the ground, but it makes the shot less precise and even unviable if you’re trying to aim between surrounding dangers.

The process of striking the ball is quite simple, with the objective of pressing the A button while the sliding slider is in one of the two specified spots. Just keep in mind that the leftmost target affects your strength, while the rightmost controls your accuracy, so in some cases, focusing on one or the other may be preferable.

Keep an eye out for potential purchases.

Although crucial quest items are typically simple to locate as you go through the game, it’s also worth spending some time exploring new places for valuable supplementary things. These are often items like as money and unique balls, and the ideal places to look for them are garbage cans, plant pots, and drawers. The prizes may not be essential, but they may provide you with an advantage when you need it the most.

Shops should always be checked.

Most new places you visit will have some kind of shop. They can range from vast clubhouses offering gear or upgrades to small booths selling a few more specialized things. At any event, it’s always a good idea to inspect the stock in these businesses as soon as you come across them, even if you’re not looking for anything specific. This mostly offers you an idea of what gear you need to strive for, as well as how much money you’ll need to save until you can buy what you want. Equally important, these businesses occasionally offer products that are vital for you to advance your plot, and knowing this ahead of time will make your job much easier.

Don’t be scared to take a circuitous route.

Your main goal in Sports Story is usually a very straightforward activity on the surface, but fulfilling it is rarely as simple as it appears. This may take some getting accustomed to, but the key is not to get caught up on completing your main aim directly from start to end. If you are stuck, try asking neighboring NPCs if they have an alternative mission for you to perform. Although it may appear unconnected, these so-called side tasks frequently make their way back into your main aim, allowing you to continue the plot.

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