Spider-Man becomes available for PC too!


Like God of War and several other games before it, Spider-Man PC is expanding the market for the contemporary Insomniac classic.

What more needs to be said about Spider-Man that has not been said yet? I guess not much! Yet this port is brand-new.

Just Figure Out A Way To Play It!

Even though the major goal of this exercise was to measure performance, I nevertheless found myself losing myself in playing Spider-Man once more. The introduction tells everything about Peter Parker that needs to be said, and once he transforms into Spider-Man, we’re off with some natural instructions on how to web-sling and move around. Even getting into the Assassin’s Creed 2/Arkham Asylum battle was effortless; it came naturally to web up a bad guy next to a wall so you could swiftly render them helpless. I instantly thought of the animated scenes where Spider-Man leaps between people’s legs.

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Many of us have been praising this game for close to four years now, and with the sleek graphic overhaul, it’s even simpler to recommend (and it pairs well with The Spectacular Spider-Man, which just hit Netflix).

Port Side Changes

  • Graphical suite with an unlocked framerate option
  • Shadow support and ray-tracing
  • Supporting ultra-wide monitor
  • Mouse and keyboard support

The accessibility and other pre-console-update choices were carried over to the PC version, along with a number of PC-only toggles that move the “performance” mode slider in a noticeably more nuanced direction. Along with the options for vsync, framerate, HDR, and DLSS/DLAA, ultra-wide display compatibility is a simple toggle (much like God of War). Toggles are available for several settings, including motion blur intensity, depth of field, field of view, degree of detail (including hair quality), and shadow quality. All of those details are visible in the gallery up there.

Mods will of course be taken into account (as would the game’s Steam Deck certification), and maybe that situation will get so heated that we can write about it the following week. Spending $60 for only Spider-Man Remastered (the original game) without Miles’ tale is one kind of negative thing. He has a “fall 2022” PC release date according to a Sony listing, however as of right now, there is just the first game available, four full years after the game’s first console release. Those of you who have already liked it might not feel the urge to take another bite. It would be more economical to just purchase the combo pack online if you plan to purchase it and have a PS4 or PS5.

You are free to choose either option. It’s a success as long as everyone has the opportunity to play through this series.

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