You are currently viewing Shine Bright Like a Star: A Complete Guide to the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event – Dates, Skins, and Game Modes

Shine Bright Like a Star: A Complete Guide to the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event – Dates, Skins, and Game Modes

Although Apex Legends Season 15 has already included two content-rich events, it appears that there will be one more before the next season begins. Dataminers claim to have unearthed new in-game files indicating a future Celestial Sunrise Collection Event as a result of recent improvements. Players may expect yet another batch of new cosmetics, and it may even launch with a previously unseen LTM. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ rumored upcoming event, Celestial Sunrise.

When does the Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event begin?

Despite the fact that developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to announce the event, respected dataminer KralRindo came to Twitter to provide many in-game screenshots mentioning Celestial Sunrise. More crucially, the source claims that it will arrive three weeks after the Spellbound Collection Event, implying that it would begin on January 31. Because events have traditionally lasted at least two weeks, players may anticipate it to conclude whenever Season 16 begins, which is set to begin on February 14.

What modes will be available as part of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event?

Celestial Sunrise may even provide a new limited-time mode that has been long anticipated. The event will begin with Hardcore Royale, a classic battle royale mode with “greater stakes and harsher punishments,” according to photographs given by Twitter user and verified insider AG420. Hardcore Royale’s options clearly indicate that it will have less information on the HUD and maximum ring damage at all times.

If that does not seem challenging enough, it is revealed that Hardcore Royale will not include helmets and that players will only be able to carry Level 1 Armor. Legends must also be mindful about how much damage their Armor absorbs, as armor switching will be disallowed. Despite its strict regulations, Hardcore Royale has the potential to be extremely rewarding to those who succeed. The mode is rumored to have its own Rewards Tracker, where players may earn points to purchase Apex Packs, weapon skins, and Holo-Sprays.

Celestial Sunrise – all cosmetics

The event’s most eye-catching aspects are undoubtedly the new Legend and weapon skins. KralRindo has also refuted Celestial Sunrise’s set of 24 cosmetics, sharing a video presentation of its possible skins and accessories with its release date. The clip shows its collection menu with unlocked zodiac animal skins, including a bunny costume for Octane and a snake-themed dress for Ash.

Celestial Sunrise is said to reward those who collect all of its treasures. The menu states that after the collection is finished, all players will receive a reactive Peacekeeper skin. Although the skin is just Legendary in rarity, its owners are supposed to receive a Legendary Holo-Spray and Charm as well.

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