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Sea of Thieves Sets Sail in a New Board Game Experience by Steamforged Games!

The Sea of Thieves is ready to set ship for your gaming table. Steamforged Games and Rare will collaborate on a desktop board game based on Rare’s pirate-themed adventure playground, which will be released later this year. Steamforged Games revealed the partnership on Twitter in February and previewed the unveiling. However, no details about the game have been revealed, nor has a firm release date been set.

Steamforged Games has worked on many other famous video game board game versions, including Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Resident Evil, and the forthcoming Gears of War Card Game. Though we don’t know much about the gameplay, it’s safe to presume it will be similar to these other games and will include a slew of miniatures, cards, and other features, as well as some unique twists influenced by the video game, such as ship battle or treasure seeking. It will also most likely be as large and complex as their other games, so be prepared to do a lot of regulation reading.

Reception to their games is frequently hit or miss, with some being accurate, thrilling adaptations of the source material, while others are messy and, to put it mildly, less loyal, so it will be fascinating to see how they adapt the open-world pirate game for tabletop. This isn’t the first time Sea of Thieves has made its way to tables, as the series previously published a roleplaying game in cooperation with Mongoose Publishing in 2019, which was later expanded in 2021.

If you want to dive into the Sea of Thieves video game, there’s plenty to do, and we’ve got some guidelines to help you along the way, whether you need a refresher on the game’s narrative and mythology, some advice for becoming a ship PvP expert, or some help concealing loot.

As many of you sharp-witted scallywags guessed – we’re making a Sea of Thieves board game in collaboration with Rare! 🏴‍☠️

Hoist the mainsail, raise anchor, and take to the waves with our new board game, launching later this year! ⚓— Steamforged Games (@SteamforgedLtd) March 2, 2023

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