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Sea Of Thieves Are Going To Reduce Milestone Requirements Because Of Complaints by the Fans!


The developers of Sea of Thieves just released a deep dive video in which they introduced Milestones. Ahead of the seventh season of material being added to the game, Rare made the film available to the gaming community.

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The in-game metrics system known as Milestones has connections to a variety of distinct gaming styles. Sea of Thieves players receive prizes for a variety of activities, including trade, sailing, and exploring, among others. In concept, it appears to be an intriguing new facet that may be added to the game. In actuality, though, fans’ reviews have painted a different picture. In point of fact, a number of players have voiced their dissatisfaction with the amount of grinding that is required to finish the objectives.

In light of this information, the developers of Sea of Thieves decided to adjust the system in some way. They lowered the standards for all of the different Milestones.

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According to Shelley Preston, who is the lead designer, they believe that there are unquestionably modifications that they are able to make in order to address the feedback concerning the Milestones being too much of an investment. These modifications would not, however, compromise the original vision for these as a progression system that would be used over a longer period of time. They have also had the capacity to watch how quickly players are going through Milestones ever since they launched, and they are able to observe regions that are not matching with the time they anticipated ever since they have had this capability.

Players of Sea of Thieves frequently voice their dissatisfaction with the fact that their in-game accomplishments from before Season 7 will not be transferred to the new system. This is due to the fact that milestones will not be granted for acts that have already been accomplished. This is due to the fact that milestones were created to function as a progression mechanism that is unique to captaincy.

The Sea of Thieves blog page includes a comprehensive overview of the modifications that the developers have made to Milestones. The majority of the criteria were lowered, with the exception of the tasks that included earning gold. In situations when they have eased on one of the requirements, you will observe an increase in the Class that you have been given. In the event that this qualifies you for an automatic reward, please be aware that in order for the unlock to take effect, you will need to get one additional Class associated with the alignment in question.

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