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Say Goodbye to Clunky Menus in The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 – Streamlining Your Gameplay Experience on Prospect Station

Prospect Station, the major hub for players in The Cycle: Frontier, will be entirely revamped in Season 3 according to developer Yager. Since the game’s release, the area has felt more like a shopping mall loaded with menus, but that will soon change as it transforms into a genuine station orbiting Fortuna III in space.

Prospect Station will receive much more than a new coat of paint when The Cycle: Frontier Season 3 premieres on March 29. Over the previous two seasons, the hub area has been populated by NPCs that are nothing more than a button that opens a menu. That’s evolving to make it feel more like a genuine, breathing world where Prospectors buy gear, hang out in their Private Quarters with pals, research species from the perilous planet below, and strike agreements with nefarious factions.

This is something that players have been asking for, and the development team has been anxious to put it into action. Even if there aren’t other players flooding the center world of any online game, it should feel alive. When Season 3 is released, The Cycle: Frontier will feel one step closer to the competition and will provide gamers with considerably more immersion. We can’t wait to spend less time going through ten options every time we want to visit the planet.

The goal of this renovation, as seen in the video above, is not to make Prospect Station a showcase of future architecture and technology. Quite the contrary. It’s being designed to appear lived in, claustrophobic, and utilized by innumerable fortune hunters over the course of decades. Everything is sparkling, so you can see where you’re going, but it’s also incredibly dirty, reminding us of the Firefly universe.

Every time you visit the station, you’ll find factions repairing ships, studying dangerous creatures, and loading items into containers, just like in Destiny 2. Some of this links into the new Season 3 DLC, with Osiris’ scientists investigating some strange new eggs that have appeared all across Fortuna III. The whole development log is available on Yager’s website.

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