You are currently viewing Sail into Adventure: Join the Cursed Crew and set a course for Open Seas in Shadow Gambit’s Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers

Sail into Adventure: Join the Cursed Crew and set a course for Open Seas in Shadow Gambit’s Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew is the result of combining Pirates of the Caribbean and stealth gaming. It is expected to contain everything of Captain Jack Sparrow’s comedy, charm, and wit, as well as the type of stealth tactics fans have come to anticipate from Mimimi Productions. As the title indicates, you play as a cursed pirate band plotting a robbery to steal an Inquisition artifact.

Shadow Gambit is a stealth strategy game set in an alternative Golden Age of Piracy in which you command eight shipmates. Each person has their own set of abilities and skills for overcoming obstacles. They’re also all cursed, but that’s part of the fun. Each pirate you command employs their curse to assist the others of the gang. Your crew of the cursed sails fights the Inquisition of the Burning Maiden and its leader Mordechai while also recruiting new recruits for their cause.

There’s a reason why the gameplay seems similar. Mimimi Games, the creators of Shadow Tactics and Desperados III, is working on Shadow Gambit. This time, Mimimi is self-publishing the game and incorporating additional components such as magic and supernatural themes. The mechanics and pirate crew will operate in the same manner as the outlaw group in the Desperados. With an over-the-top camera perspective, you’ll be able to survey the battlefield and control your team as you see fit.

Shadow Gambit was revealed in conjunction with a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer. While the first concentrated on three individual characters: sword-wielding Afia, cannoneer Galle, and Mr. Mercury and his fish, the gameplay video showcased almost six minutes of gameplay. As previously said, if you’ve played a Mimimi game, you won’t be surprised by this clip.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 in 2023.

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