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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Personalize Your Inventory with Charms and Colors!

Resident Evil 4 Remake is getting closer to its highly expected release date later this month, and Capcom has recently revealed some new footage and details about the game. While the creators have stated that they do not want the reimagining to replicate the gameplay of the original title, it will include some entertaining new features to keep it fresh. In battle, players can use a new knife parry, remain in stealth to surprise foes, and even accomplish secondary tasks for the mechant. Collecting trinkets and cosmetics to personalize your inventory box is one of the more unexpected aspects of the new content.

In a recent glimpse by IGN, the video shows off some new, more hidden details about the reboot. Throughout the video, Leon demonstrates his ability to customize his attache case with various trinkets, hues, and other cosmetics. The video shows altering the hue of the background of your inventory with different choices. It also depicts Leon placing a poultry charm on the case’s lower left corner. The user can even shake the inventory container to see the charm jiggle.

Fans adore the initial Resident Evil 4 stocking system. It has been characterized as its own game within the title, similar to Tetris. Players enjoy making their inventories appear neat and ordered, and it is sluggish under the duress of the survival horror situations that are frequently thrown at you during the game.

Changing the attache case was not required, but it is yet another example of how Capcom has gone above and beyond to make this the definitive edition of Resident Evil 4. The remake will be released on March 24, and a trial will be available shortly, so we won’t have to wait too long to get our hands on this massive game.

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