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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo: Fans Rave About Brutal Death Scenes

The Chainsaw Demo, which was recently released on all devices, provides fans with their first sample of the Resident Evil 4 Reboot. The trial features one of the game’s most famous sequences, in which the player must live in a village center for a set amount of time while being hounded by Ganado locals and a certain doctor wielding a chainsaw. Death sequences in the original game were famously violent, and it appears that Capcom has not backed away from maintaining this. Fans are finding numerous methods for Leon to die, and the death sequences are utterly brutal.

Gamers have hurled themselves at Dr. Salvador in the hopes of witnessing a chainsaw beheading like in the original game. However, the chainsaw killing sequences have been altered, but they are still exceedingly disgusting. This sac-headed Ganado can dismember Leon in a variety of ways, and fans love him even more in the Reboot.

Leon’s brutal decapitation death scene from the RE4 remake demo from residentevil

This isn’t to say Leon can’t still end up without a cranium. Players have repeatedly permitted the Ganado to demolish them, inventing ludicrously gory ways for Leon to perish. One admirer found that if Leon does not break free and perish near an adversary wielding an axe, the locals will decapitate him.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – All Death Scenes So Far (Demo)
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Ganados with their heads hanging from their necks will grasp Leon and pierce his cranium with a tentacle. Others will toss him down and slam his skull into the ground until it pops. Pitchforks to the throat and Ganado thumbs popped Leon’s eyes are among the other fatalities. It’s all very explicit, but fans are pleased that Capcom didn’t tone it down.

Leon can also dole out the punishment. Ganados can be dismembered, slashed with subtlety, and grenaded into a spray of gore. But don’t fret if this is all too much for you. Capcom has included an option to reduce the gore. All of this demonstrates that the developers have taken great effort to provide all supporters with the best possible experience on March 24.

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