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Purple Starfish Galore: Discovering the Abundance on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

Ginger Island is an important component of Stardew Valley, particularly if you want to accomplish all of the game’s objectives and travel around the globe. On this island, you’ll come across a specific character who you must help and collaborate with in order to complete all of the tasks before going on. Knowing how many Purple Starfish there are on Ginger Isle is part of that. This book explains how many of these creatures exist and when you must provide that critical amount.

How many Purple Starfish do you think there are on Ginger Island?

There are 18 Purple Starfish on Ginger Island when you get there in your Stardew Valley playthrough. It’s also useful to know that the island has 22 Purple Flowers, though you might not recognize you need this knowledge for a while. It’s all connected to Professor Snail, a crucial figure in obtaining valuable items and a significant character on the island. At least, he is if you want to complete Stardew Valley completely.

Professor Snail will ask you two things when you talk with him. He’ll first inquire how many Purple Flowers are on the island, to which you must answer with 22. Then he’ll inquire how many Purple Starfish are there, to which you must respond with 18. If you do this, he’ll grant you two Golden Walnuts as a bonus to the many others you can get from the Research Center.

Ginger Island is surrounded by an abundance of fossils concealed beneath the earth. This is where you can come to collect as many as you can and transport them to the Research Center. The more fossils you contribute, the more Golden Walnuts you will receive, which will serve as the island’s money. This is why answering Professor Snail’s queries is so essential, because you can start things off with 2 Golden Walnuts for very little work. There are plenty more things to do on the island, which makes up some of the most complex content Stardew Valley has to offer, so do yourself a favor and get these Golden Walnuts early so you can move on to bigger and better things.

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